Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New habits become ingrained

One of the best places for a sneak eater to sneak eat and binge is in their car (other than a dark closet). I would take care to plan special binges for my commute home from work. Often the plan would include hostess cupcakes or ding dongs out of the vending machine in the break room that I pass on the way to my car … oh who am I kidding, anything chocolate sufficed. I would start planning what I was going to eat on the way home from work while I was still driving TO work in the morning.

Well, I still like to have something to eat while driving home from work so that I don’t arrive home malnourished (yeah right…malnourished…….in my lifetime?). I don’t want to use too many points because I still get that panicked feeling from the thought of running out of points at the end of the night, but need something. So I have turned to apples. I am pretty fussy about my apples. I only like a couple of varieties. Top honors go to the Honey Crisp apple. Tied for a close second are the Fuji and Brae burn apples.

Yesterday I did not have an apple to eat and I thought it was going to drive me bonkers! So much so that I took and extra long lunch today and ran to Meijer’s to buy apples for the commute home before I did my lunch time workout. I feel great that some of my new habits are becoming second nature. Running out of apples didn’t give me an excuse to return to the vending machine. Returning to the old eating patterns actually never entered my mind. Yeah me!
What new habits are you thrilled about?

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