Thursday, December 6, 2007

Workout of my Life!

This week I have been doing double workouts because I want to ensure my 10 pound loss for the month. I have been doing my normal lunch hour workout along with doing an after work workout.

Yesterday evening’s workout was the best of my life! I met Stacey at our workout spot and did stairs and hallways in an office building. We really upped the ante last night. We started at the top of the building and would run the straight aways on the way down and when going up we would walk the straight away. It just added small bursts of high intensity activity. We did this for 40 minutes. Another friend joined us that is a hard core runner and she was great at pushing me when I wanted to give up. I would say I just wanted to walk this one, and she would get after me to keep going. It was so awesome.

I used to be embarrassed to work out with anyone because I am still so out of shape I hated for anyone to listen to my huffing and puffing while working out. Now that I spend time with people that have similar goals, I know they don’t judge me, and so I don’t care what I sound like. There will come a day when I can hold a conversation while working out. Until then, at least I am doing it. I’m not home sitting on the couch having a double date with Ben and Jerry’s anymore.

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