Friday, December 14, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

I have to admit I am feeling pretty smug about New Years Resolutions this year. I am not going to be one of those people that stuff their face until midnight of New Years Eve and then go on a diet and join a gym the first day of the New Year. Those people only last about a month. Me, I’ve made these permanent changes in my life months ago. The resolutions I am making have nothing to do with health.

At this point I have two resolutions. The first one is to take more pictures. We need to capture moments and the people we love. I am so thankful that my Grandma always had her camera out and wanted pictures taken. We always joked that she kept Kodak in business because of the amount of film she used and had developed. She took a lot of pictures and we are even more fortunate that she was in a lot of the pictures since she passed in November. Not just of other people and things, but I think I am now willing to be in the pictures. To aid in this resolution I purchased a new camera last night. Yes….I got a great deal, paid cash, and it was in my budget! I had a nice camera, but it was so big and bulky I never had it with me. This is a super small Fuji digital camera that easily fits in my purse so I will always have it with me.

My second resolution is to have $25 per month direct deposited into a savings account that will be used to purchase items for Christmas outreach (our local helping organization) and/or Toys for Tots. John and I will not miss $25 a month and that will add up to $300 bucks to spend and give at the holiday times. I did my shopping last night for both those organizations and really want to be able to do more next year.

I may come up with more resolutions in the coming weeks and I’ll post them here for all to see, but I think both of these are worthwhile changes to make in my life.

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