Thursday, December 20, 2007

Quickstart Day 4

Day four went well. I stayed within my points, budgeted them well throughout the day, and had a fantastic workout. I have been working extra hours this week and I know I’ve been a wee bit short and irritable with my husband this week so he is ready for me to go back to my normal point’s schedule.
Substituting the PB2 for peanut butter has saved me. I am able to have my PBJ on English muffin for breakfast still. I am a real fan of the PB2. I just ordered another 4 jars. If you’ve never heard of PB2, visit for more information. This is a great product for anyone watching their calorie and fat intake but love peanut butter.
Still working on my projects that were due yesterday so I am keeping this entry short. Things should lighten up tomorrow

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