Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"I can't eat another bite."

I’ve heard so many people say this before. I think I have mostly heard this from thin people. I really wonder what this feels like. The idea that a magnificent piece of pizza with all of your favorite toppings could be staring you in the face and yet you realize that since you are full and satiated from the three pieces you’ve just ate that you have the good judgment to say “No thank you, I couldn’t eat another bite”. Oh….. or what about the people who say that maybe they’ll have room for dessert later. Uh…..Hello, I’ve always managed to cram a piece of cake in on top of what ever I’ve had for dinner plus be able to give another piece my full attention later once things have settled down (with a glass of milk…fof course).

I do turn food down now, but I do it because I don’t want to spend the points, or it is just something I don’t enjoy. But the idea of saying no because I am full and wouldn’t be able to enjoy another bite of food sounds so alien to me. I would hope that as time goes on, I will learn to recognize that every meal I enjoy is not my last and I don’t need to devour everything that doesn’t bite back.

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