Thursday, December 6, 2007

Obesssion with Processed Foods

I will admit that I used to be the type of person to grab a bag of Fritos before I would grab an orange. I think many people are like that. You spend 2.99 on a bag of Fritos you are guaranteed that those Fritos are going to taste the same as the Fritos you had last week and the week before that and the Fritos you are going to have next week.

Produce, on the other hand, it much more dicey. Saturday, when I got groceries for the week, Meijer’s had bags of oranges buy one get one free. I thought about grabbing them, but my memory of the last time I bought oranges in a bag came screeching back to mind. They were tasteless and had a funny texture.

Each time we buy fruit and vegetables (with the exception of bananas and potatoes) it is a crap shoot for what you are going to get. Ughhhh Tomatoes. Pretty and red on the outside, mealy and tastless on your turkey bacon sandwich. Watermelon; beautiful pink and juicy on the inside, and tasteless mush on the inside. Its no wonder so many people eat a grape in the produce section before they buy them. There is little more disappointing than getting home with a 3 lb bag of grapes that are so sour you let them rot in the back of the fridge for the next two weeks. You know they are awful, but you don’t want to put them right in the trash, because you paid good money for them.

Bag of Fritos? Tastes the same….everytime…..Pepridge farm cookies...... tastes the same…..everytime. The only way they go bad is if they go stale. Do you see where I am coming from? Processed foods with all of their preservatives, artificial flavors, and other chemicals just taste better. I realize that this is not the growers fault and that sunlight, rainfall, soil composition all factor into the taste of our produce. I just wish it weren’t like that.
I buy a little more produce each time I get groceries. I know full well that I may throw it away when I get home because of poor taste, but I also know that like a slot machine, once and a while it will pay off and be so worth it.

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