Monday, December 17, 2007

The Company Christmas Party

We had a fabulous time at the Christmas Party friday night. First and foremost, I felt incredible. I found a beautiful dark purple sweater on the clearance rack ($8.00) and wore a long black skirt with it along with my tall black boots. For jewelry I borrowed this shooting star pin from my mom all done in crystals.

John and I arrived a bit late, so everyone was already in line for dinner. My work friends were astonished that I had cleaned up so well and complimented my hair makeup and outfit. I think the biggest reaction was from the wives of people I work with. My coworkers see me everyday, but their spouses don’t so they were thrilled for my weigh loss.

The highlight of the night was the owner’s wife Lacey calling me over to sit next to her and her telling me how great I looked and wanted to know what I had been doing. While chatting with Lacey, her husband (the owner and founder of our company) sat down on the other side of me and said how amazed he was at the changes in my life I had made. I told him that if it weren’t for our company gym, I didn’t think I would still be at it. He said he was glad that someone was putting the gym to use and if I needed anything upgraded to let him know. Well, I took the opportunity to tell him how great elliptical trainers are and how they are so much easier on your knees. He said he had thought about getting one for his home so he would order one for the gym at the same time! Yeah!

The food was great. There was baked chicken as well as ham, so I chose the baked chicken that was so delicious I could have eaten it for days! Plus there was salad. Point wise I did very well. I also skipped the open bar in favor of diet coke.

They always give out lots of prizes at the party and no one goes home empty handed. I won a set of Farberwear knives. John and I needed knives desperately! So it was a great night and I was surprised that my swelled head fit in the car to drive home

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