Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Can't eat like I used to.....A.K.A. body revolt!

John and I went to his family Christmas on Sunday. We go to John’s sister’s house every year as she has the largest house to accommodate us all. Plus, by them not coming to our house, I don't have to clean! Win Win, people, Win, Win!!! We keep it simple by usually ordering in food, although this year, Lauren slaved in the kitchen and made all the yummies herself. She made ribs, meatloaf, a yummy broccoli desert, along with cheesy potatoes, croisants, shrimp cocktail and all kind of cookies/fudge along with her now famous banana pudding.

I had planned ahead and figured on using 30 points for the day. I had a yogurt before we went so I had all of my points left to use for the dinner. I had 2 ribs, some of the vegetable dish, cheesy potatoes, one croisant and the shrimp cocktail. I limited myself to one piece of homemade fudge.

I was pleased with my restraint, but the biggest surprise was that I made numerous trips to the bathroom as I was very sick from eating food my body was not used to. Last year, I would have eaten three times that amount of food along with my own batch of homemade fudge and not felt a quiver in my gut. Not this year! It amazes me that my body has adjusted to eating only good food, and protested the high fat stuff I tried to give it.

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