Friday, December 14, 2007

The Company Christmas Party

Tonight is my company’s Christmas party. I have dreaded going in years past, just because I hated being in social situations because I was depressed and fat. The receptionist would guilt me into going. I would show up and then leave as soon as possible.

It’s not that our party isn’t nice…..there is an open bar, good food, live band, lots of expensive prizes are given away and our receptionist transforms the hall with a Christmas theme. This year’s theme is Candy Cane. Things are very different for me this year. I am happy, I feel great, and I am ready to socialize. I even bought a new sweater to wear and am borrowing a beautiful shooting star pin from my mom.

So after work, I will commute home, feed the dogs, gather up my wonderful husband and we will head back over to the Christmas party.

Of course I am worried about the buffet. You know I hate having to guess how many points something is, plus since tomorrow is weigh in day so I need to lay off the sodium. I think I will actually eat something when I go home to get John and then hopefully there will be a veggie tray or salad that I will eat while at the party. I won’t drink anything other than diet coke because I’ve never been a big drinker. In year’s past, I would drink….mainly because it was free. No biggie to give that up.

So for the very first time I am looking forward to tonight’s party and spending time with my coworkers and hopefully winning a great prize too!

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