Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Day Two of Quickstart

I firmly believe that this Quickstart plan was because the skinny people want the fat people on weight watchers to suffer. My two skinny weight watcher friends are delighting in the fact that I am only getting as many points as they are this week.
Actually, yesterday went pretty well.

I used PB2 on my WW English muffin instead of regular peanut butter. I had a 2 point smart one for lunch over steamed veggies. For snacks I had a WW yogurt, Sugar Free pudding cup and popcorn I actually did too well through the day (which is also known as point hoarding) and had 13 points to use when I got home at 6pm from work. Considering I go to bed at 9pm, 13 points is a LOT of food to consume in 3 hours. I ended up eating 3 points of shrimp cocktail, two egg white sandwiches, one of my egg nog milkshakes and a fiber one bar (that sounds like I could sing it to the music of 12 days of Christmas) in order to use up all 13 of those points. I felt like a stuffed pig when I went to bed.

Today I am going to work harder at using more of my points. I plan to use 10 points before I leave work tonight. I did not get to workout yesterday which is very unusual for me, so I will also be hitting the gym at lunch today.

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