Friday, December 28, 2007


I am really hoping for my 50 lb milestone Saturday at weigh in, but even if I have to wait another week for that milestone, I still had a couple of other milestones to celebrate this week.

The picture of me was taken today. Today is special because the shirt I am wearing is a women’s XL. My mom got it for me for Christmas. It’s one of those “Life is Good” T-shirts. This one has a little guy running. I am astonished that it fit. Granted, I did have to stretch it out, but it fit well enough for me to wear to work! It is such a great feeling to wear something of a “normal” size. It is officially my favorite shirt!

Another milestone actually happened almost a week ago. My wedding rings fell off! I didn’t lose them, but decided I had better put them up so nothing happens to them. I don’t plan to get them resized anytime soon, so I picked up a darling cubic zirconia at JCPenny’s for only $6 to wear until I am ready to resize my actual wedding set.

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