Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I am no longer the Biggest Size!

I stopped in to JCPenny the Friday before Christmas because I had a coupon for $10 off any $10 purchase. I know, I know..... these coupons are just a ploy to get you in there to spend more money, but it works on me every time.

Anyway, I looked at the men’s fitness clothes, and they had some really nice "wick away the sweat type" T-shirts on sale for $4.99! They even had them in the color pink. I am in need of some smaller workout clothes so I went through the pile and grabbed a XXL and went on my way.

Well, I got home and tried the shirt on, and it was more like a night shirt! It was waaaaaaaay too big. So my realization is that I no longer have to look through the pile and take the biggest size they are offering of an item because I am don’t need the biggest size anymore! This fact is incredible and gratifying to me. I'm sure it will be a difficult habit to break, but with enough shopping opportunities, I should be able to do it.

All my life, I have always taken the biggest size and in many cases, hope that I can fit into it! CJ Banks, one of my favorite store, I always took the 3X and then only if the material could be stretched. I could never buy their 3X button down tops as they wouldn’t button around me.

I am not buying many clothes right now as I know I won’t be in them long. No point in spending all kinds of money on stuff I’ll only wear for a couple of months. Plus, I’ll soon be able to wear all of the clothes my friend Stacey gave me.

So that is eureka moment this week. I am no longer the biggest size offered in clothes. What an amazing feeling.

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