Thursday, April 24, 2008

Body Scan

I went for my pre boot camp body scan last night. I am really proud that I did it. Of course hated seeing the results but I know that the body scan next month will show exciting changes. I will not be posting it here for your viewing pleasure........

We had to be scanned in a sports bra and tight underwear Let me tell you that no one, NO ONE has seen me in a sports bra and underwear except my husband! I was there a few minutes before the scanning started so only a few people (yes I said few) saw me in that state.

Basically they have you in your skivvies, you put on a robe, step into a little booth with curtains, take the robe off and stand with your legs shoulder width apart and arms sticking out. The scanner has 8 laser cameras that scan your physical self kind of like the scanning the bar code on your groceries. It only took a few seconds. Next they did a thermal scan of me. This was more out in the open so the two student workers also got to see me in all my glory. (Skinny bitches!!!) Then I was told to get dressed and come back out.

When I came back out to the main room there was a computer screen (seemed more like a big screen TV) with my digital image from the scanner for me to view. I could have thrown up. The image made me thing of that Eddie Murphy movie (Nutty Professor I think) That is what I looked at. Every roll was there for me to see. I looked away quickly so that she would take it off the screen before someone else saw it.

All I can say is that I hope to hell I can see a difference after a month of boot camp. It will take a lot to muster the courage to go through this again.

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Lovebug6100 said...

Wow!! I'm so envious of your guts!!! You're doing wonderfully and I'm sure you'll look totally different afterwords!! Keep up the good work!