Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weigh in Report for April 26th

Down .6 pounds today for a total of 65.4 pounds gone. I don't think all my hard work and clean eating was reflected in today's weigh in, but, other than picking up the scale and chucking it through the window....not much I can do about that.
Today was a 5k run/walk in town and it started at 9:30. My friend and I were at odds whether we should weigh in before or after the race. I thought we would weigh less before the race and weigh more after the race.

Fortunately our WW center has two meeting on Sat, an 8:30 and a 10:00. So we decided to play Mythbusters and do both. I weighed in before the meeting and then raced back after the walk to weigh in again. I was careful not to eat or drink ANYTHING in between. Lo and Behold my friend was right. When I weighed in after the race I had lost another 1.2 pounds! Of course they wouldn't give me a new sticker for my book since my official weigh in was earlier. (My friend was down an additional pound after the race compared to her unofficial weigh in earlier.)

So I guess this means I will be getting up early on Saturdays to do a quick 5K from now on!

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applejoos said...

I just followed the link from Back in skinny jeans and I wanted to say hello! Good luck with your goals!