Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth Day Festivities

On Saturday our local recycling center had their earth day celebration so I went to volunteer. The center offered free trees and free yard waste disposal for the public. It normally costs to bring leaves and grass and tree branches, but on earth day, it is free.

In past years I have had the cushy job of greeting the people coming to recycle and pass out free saplings. No easy peasy job for me this year. I was given a pair of gloves and unloaded people’s yard waste for 3 hours! Talk about a workout.

In the course of the day over 500 cars came through to do recycling. There were cars that came through three and four times that day since it was free. We had a great time and got a really cool earth day T-shirt out of the deal. I’ll pretty much do anything for free T-shirt…..

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tiffdagost said...

Wow! That's amazing that it costs money to dispose of yard waste at the recycle center! In our neighborhood, not only is it free all year, but when you call the city's "bulky waste" department, they will come pick it up from your curb on a designated day.

What a great activity to participate in! We're trying to make some green changes at our home!