Monday, April 21, 2008

A Bit Intimidated

I went to sign up for boot camp last night. Yikes, the sign up party was packed with at least 45 women and even a couple of men. The instructor stood on a chair so that she could be heard by the masses. What worries me is that everyone looked so thin and fit. I really hope I don’t fall behind everyone else. Kiersten the instructor is oh so cute and fit as well. I would expect that she would be. I wouldn’t take the class if she weren’t.

Kiersten offered a prep course for boot camp and after talking with her, I decided not to do it and to save the $50. She said it was for people that don’t currently work out or don’t eat a good diet. She did say there would only be a couple of group workouts, so I just didn’t think that it would be worth the money for my situation. It looked like about 8 people or so signed up to take the prep course last night.

It sounds like the first night she will give us a list of foods that are okay to eat. The signing party last night was at a place called Good To Go, which is a little gourmet food shop in town. You can go in and get hot or cold food for dinner along with wines and such. The owner of Good to Go and Kiersten have worked together and developed a menu for Boot Campers. Every night Good To Go will offer a Boot Camp friendly entrée that you can pop in a buy for dinner. Ingenious idea. I love to see small unique businesses stay open. Good to Go had three sample entrées there for us to try last night and they were all delicious.

This week on Thursday I have to go in for my body scan. This isn’t the submerge in water body fat composition machine. Rather, I think it scans your body and measures the density of the body. We have a pre and a post scan as part of Boot Camp. It says we are to wear a sports bra and tight underwear for the scan. Yikes!


tiffdagost said...

GOOD for you! Sounds like a really intense boot camp and hooray for you for signing up! I'm sure you will get some really good workouts.

Heather said...

So, what is this "boot camp" all about? I am a bit confused about it all. Are you working out there a few times a week?

Thanks for the great blogs lately, it really is sweet to be apart of the changes you are making in your life. Keep the information coming as we all need to be reminded and even educated at times.

Have a wonderful week!!