Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Park Workout

Last night I did what I am going to call the “park” workout. This park has a VERY steep entrance hill and miles of paved trails to walk. So we started with running up and walking down the entrance hill three times. In order to catch our breath we just walked for about a half a mile then back to the hill. We ran up and walked down two more times.

Still looking for torment we found a long flight of stairs and we ran up and down those three or four times (lost count). We walked again for a while to catch our breath. Next we took a five minute break on the swing set. Man, it’s been years since I played on a swing set. I have been missing out!

We still had one more obstacle to tackle that we’d heard would be used in a boot camp workout. Running in the sand of the volleyball pits. Holy Cow! That is tough stuff. Ended the workout with walking again and then ran one last time up the hill.

That was one serious workout. This helps me believe that I’ll be able to make it through boot camp. Can you tell I am really nervous about keeping up?

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