Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Race Times

As I said earlier I had a 5K on Saturday. I signed up as a walker because I have pulled my calf muscle a bit and want it to heal before boot camp begins next week.

The last 5K I did was in February and I jog/walked it in a time of 48 minutes and some odd seconds. Saturday I finished the 5K in 45:43 and I walked the entire thing? WTF????? Now what do those results tell me? It could tell me that when I jog/walk, I slow my pace way down in recovery and that slows my overall time down or two, I have improved my cardiovascular health enough to have shaved that much time off my walking.

I will admit the adrenaline took over and I was huffing it. My shins were screaming I was walking so fast. I had intended to walk casually with my mom, but when that gun sounded, I just took off like a mad woman and after a couple of minutes mom just said for me to go ahead since she couldn’t keep up any longer. I became possessed wanting to pass the other walkers. It was crazy. Fortunately mom wasn’t mad at me for ditching her and she only ended up being a minute or two behind me.

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