Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rationing the Bac-Os

I have a bac-Os addiction. Everyday I eat a salad for lunch and I must have Bac-Os on my salad. Not just any bac-Os. It has to be the Betty Crocker brand Bac-)s chips not the bits.

Why is it that anytime I like something, I have to binge on it? Yep, I have managed to turn these cute little artificially flavored and colored gems into something bad. I have no idea why I like them. The ingredient list is terrible. What exactly is Defatted Soy flour? I just love the salty crunch they add.

None the less I have been binging on them. I’ll eat them plain out of my hand. No moderation for me……I was going through an entire 4.1 oz jar in 4 days of salads. Man, I love these things.

It had to stop. So this week when I bought the jar I immediately divided it up into 6 little servings in zip lock baggies (I will refill the baggies each week). So far so good. I have only had a single serving each day on my salad.

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