Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cleaner eating

My eating has been much better this week. Yesterday I only had 2 points of sweets (ww fudge bars). I kept my total points for the day at 23 instead of my 29 allotted daily points. I am very proud that I am averaging 8 servings of fruits and vegetables per day!

In the not too distant past, I could go weeks without eating a single serving. I did still find myself browsing the kitchen last night each time I got up to let dogs in or out, but did well at just drinking water and going to bed to finish watching BL at 9:30.

I am sure that the beautiful weather we have been enjoying has done wonders to improve my outlook. This week it has been sunny and high 60’s every day. The sunshine makes me smile from ear to ear. It makes you look forward to getting outside and walking. My face is already starting to tan.

This is going to be the most amazing summer of my life (all 35 of them). I just know it. I have so many fun activities planned. Horseback riding, canoeing, kayaking, hiking at sleeping bear dunes and Tahquamenon falls and Cut River Bridge, bike riding on Mackinac Island…..for the first time in my life the possibilities are endless for the fun I am going to have with my friends and family. One of my fave activites is just playing the back yard with John and the dogs. We’ve been getting out there as a family everyday and it is so wonderful to see the dogs romp and play and have a blast.
I am so grateful for the life I have now, compared to the life I had a year ago.

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