Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Today is the official Earth Day. Today, take a minute to think about recycling or using a little less energy. Buy a reusable bag for when you get groceries at the store. Keep track of how many plastic bags you do not use in a year of using a reusable. One person can make a little bit of difference, but if many people make little changes, we can see big results!

Today I weight trained for the first time in over two months. (Can any one say worried about being strong enough to survive Boot Camp?) "They" say that after not weight training for two weeks you start to lose the muscle mass that you've built. I believe it. I had to go from using 15 pound weights back down to 10 pound weights. I was only able to force myself to do about half the amount of crunches that I used to. Not sure really why I stopped lifting, I just got so busy trying to burn calories with cardio training, I let the strength training drop off the schedule.

My muscles are pulsing as I type and I love that feeling. That tells me I made lots of tiny tears in the muscle tissue and all the little muscle building elements are rushing to the area like figrefighters to a 5 alarm fire to fill the holes and make my muscles stronger. (Can ya tell I didn't really pay much attention in biology? I sound like a children's book.)

So as you see, in support of Earth Day, I didn't use the equipment that takes electricity to do my workout. (I'd like to say I planned it that way, but just a coincidence).

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