Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Can Compliments lead to Bad Behavior?

I have struggled this week. I have eaten all of my daily points each day and been catching myself grabbing stuff I don’t normally eat. Last night was my hair appt and I swear you’d think I had the stylists there on payroll or something the way they fawned over the changes in my looks and covering me with compliments like honey on a bee hive. You’d have thought I had been on extreme makeover the big deal they made over my me (they just saw me 5 weeks ago). It felt really good.

As I paid for my new nail polish, I caught myself eating not one, or two but 6 malted milk robin eggs (whoppers) out of the candy dish on the counter. Why the hell did I do that? I am usually so vigilant about counting everything that goes in my mouth and not eating stuff I don’t have the nutritional information on and it was like not knowing the nutritional information gave me the go ahead. If I had to take them out of a package and look at the nut info, there is no way I would have so casually eaten those. Mind you I enjoy whoppers, but I was eating them while chatting with the girls and didn’t even get to enjoy them. WTF?

Now, I realize that six whopper robin eggs are not going to do me in, but I worry that this starting to become a dangerous habit. Last week Skeeter stood in my office door snacking on carob covered peanuts and I had a small handful. Of course at the time, he was complimenting me on my new physique and we were talking about organic eggs. So are compliments going to send me over the edge?

I have also eaten all of the 100 calorie dark chocolate bars that were in my desk (I did count the points for them…however I did notice I only ate these while alone). Still, I have been doing so well at eating what is good for me and filling my body with nutrients instead of empty calories. It scares me that I can backslide this way.

The bright side is that at least I am acknowledging this and telling all of you. Any advice? What do you think is happening?
I think I will start to post my food journal again. Knowing that you all are looking at it helps me make better choices.


Anonymous said...

I have heard so many say that once they lose their weight, they will never gain it back. Well I am here to tell you, I am a w.w. life timer who is not at goal and the very words came out of my mouth. We need to be aware at all times and not slip back into old habits and continue taking care of ourselves on a daily basis. It would be great if there was a magical spell that would come over us and all these little issues disappear along with the weight. Keep up the great work and horay for you to stop and take a look at the learning experience. You are an inspiration!

Lovebug6100 said...

If it taunts you get rid of it....that's my bottom line...I've seen tons of articles that talk about going for walk, checking email, calling a friend, but I find if the temptation is there, it's going to haunt you....good luck and don't be too hard on yourself!

pandafan said...

You've taken the biggest step. Becoming aware that it and realizing that it CAN happen to you. I too am a WW lifetime member who is not at goal. I kept the weight off 6 years, and thinking I was safe, stopped journaling and being ever vigilant. It's hard to think in these terms, but it really is for a lifetime. But a healthier, longer lifetime. Keep up the good work!