Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Fave Product - Not Food Related

This weekend I made my now monthly trek to Whole Foods and Trader Joes (this time in Rochester Hills). First and foremost, I was VERY disappointed in the Whole Foods in Rochester Hills. It is about half the size of the WF in Ann Arbor. In their defense, they are building a new Whole Foods store that will be opening in August. I’ll stick to Ann Arbor until the new WF’s opens.

My mom and my stylist friend Karen went with me. We had a phenomenal time (didn’t get home until after 11pm!) and on our way back up north we stopped to the outlet center in Birch Run. That is where I bought my new fave product.

Nipple petals! These are little pieces of sticky silicone that go over your nipples so that you don’t look like you are cold all the time. I got them at the Legg’s Bali outlet store and they were only $8.00. I tried them out today for the first time. I love knowing that everyone’s eyes are not drawn to my perpetually perky nips.

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