Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Daily Happenings

Hello, Hello
Sorry about the lack of posting, but I haven't really had much inspiring to say lately. Plus I have been insanely busy with 3 boarding dogs staying at my house and being given some new responsibilities at work.

Occasionally, I do some in home boarding for people I know. Right now I have a little shit tzu Sylvia and her toy poodle Bubba. Their family is in Cozumel Mexico enjoying the sunshine. We have them for 2 weeks. On Sunday I also picked up another toy poodle named Quincy to stay with us for a week while his family is in the Bahamas. So yes, that makes 10 dogs staying in my house right now. Yep, you read that right, 10 dogs in my 1400 square foot home!

This is Quincy's first time away from home and he is so darn cute I just want to cuddle him 24/7 so he is even sleeping in bed with us. Man this little guy is a furnace, I am roasting with him laying near me. Bubba and Sylvia share a crate at night in their own room (John's computer room).

As far as integrating, most of my dogs are great with other dogs. However, Cruise, Haven and Morgan seem to think our house guests should be available for daily hunts. Therefore, we have have the dogs separated into two "packs". Ruby, Leia, Tucker and Buddy could care less about our company so they are rotated with them. Haven Morgan and Cruise make up the other pack of dogs. We rotate everyone hourly. (I am all about being fair even though dogs really don't have an understanding of time) One group hangs our in our bedroom on the bed watching animal planet or national geographic and the other group is out in the living room for play time. So yes, I am slightly exhausted from the rotating.

We enjoy boarding other people's dogs because we feel we offer a better place for dogs to stay than at a kennel or vets office and we of course enjoy the extra money. We are very choosy about what dogs we accept and we have turned away dogs for return visits if we were not happy with their initial stay. A labrador that whined nonstop for an entire week was not invited to return the following year. A girl's gotta sleep!

So that is my life in a nutshell. Trying to keep 10 hounds happy and safe in this muddy mess we call springtime in Michigan.

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