Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The "I WANT" list

I said before that I have great resolve to get to my goals. I have an “I want list” in the front of my journal that I read every day. This list contains most of the reasons I want to be lose weight. Many you will not identify with these unless you are really overweight as I am.
While there are a few I cannot share, here are most of them.

I want to feel better (alive) and not tired all the time.
I want to go to a restaurant and not wonder if I am going to fit in the booth.
I want to be a runner.
I want to sit in any lawn chair, not having to eye its sturdiness before I sit down.
I want to go horseback riding and not worry about hurting the horse.
I want to put my shirts on without stretching them out first.
I want my arms to hang at my sides not straight out because of under arm fat.
I want to go canoeing without worrying about hitting the bottom of the river.
I want 10,000 daily steps to be automatic.
I want to fly on an airplane and not worry that they are going to make me purchase 2 seats.
I want to see my collar bone (I’m pretty sure I have them).
I want to run agility with my dogs.
I want my breast to stick out farther than my gut.
I want to not be afraid to go to the doctor. This is called the ignorance is bliss syndrome.
I want to lower my blood pressure/cholesterol/blood sugar.

So. what is on your want list? What goals are you working toward? If you aren't working hard toward your "i want" list, why isn't what you want for yourself more important than the bad food choices you are making?

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