Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dinner at Lonestar

So I had to meet John and the in-laws for dinner when I got out of work yesterday. John’s family lives about 2 hours away, so we usually just try to meet in the middle for dinner occasionally. This time they came here and they all decided on Lone Star. There are sites that have compiled WW points for restaurants (Dotties Weight loss Zone, Boot Camp Buddies) but I like to see the nutritional information myself.
Lo and behold, Lone Star has all of the nutritional info on their website. It was wonderful to confidently walk into a restaurant knowing what I was going to order and how many points to count for it. I cannot believe how many points my former favorite meal had! How in the world are two pork chops 33 points? What kind of a pig do they come from? Their rolls are a big downfall for me as well, but they weren’t listed on the website.
So, I ordered the Salmon (6 points) and had the vegetables (0 points). No worry about the rolls, they never brought any. I ended up having to eat again when I got home because I saved too many points throughout the day for dinner!
P.S. Pic is of me at the Great Wall of China in 2002. Now that was a hike!!!

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