Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Box

Since I have returned to weight watchers, I have been weighing in at the 5:30 meeting on Wednesdays. I enjoy the leader and the staff at that time and it is a really full class. What I hate about weighing in so late in the day is that I let “the box” aka scales dictate my day.

No popcorn for afternoon snack…too salty might retain water. Better not eat that lunch … weighs 4 oz more than the other Lean Cuisine in the freezer. Better stop drinking water at 1:30…..wanna make sure I’ve peed it all out by weigh in time. Doing that makes me so thirsty. I bring a jug of water with me and guzzle it during the meeting. Oh and better make sure I’ve done number 2 also, don’t want to have to include that mass at weigh in either. So starting this week, I am going to start going to the Saturday morning meetings. That way I can roll out of bed and go weigh in and then live my life normally.

I mean, how silly is all of this?
Oh and then there are the people who insist on wearing the same clothes each week or take their shoes off and put on ballet slippers for weigh in. One lady takes off all of her jewelry. Man, if you have that much jewelry, you can afford liposuction…..can’t you? I hate that “the box” controls us. That is why I take a stand and at least don’t weigh myself other than at weight watchers.

I’ve had some people say weighing in every day “keeps them on track”. But doesn’t deciding to follow the program keep you on track?

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