Monday, October 29, 2007

First Bag of Fat Clothes are Gone!

This weekend I actually got around to cleaning out some of my closet and threw out my first bag of fat clothes. What a great feeling. Had the clothes been in good shape, I would have donated them to a charity, but since I have been doing Dave Ramsey, I swore off all clothing shopping and only purchased three Wal-Mart (yuck-- hate Wal-Mart) polo shirts and a package of white socks the entire year! So I really wore out my fat clothes. You know, I didn’t really miss buying clothes. I was so focused on my goal of paying off debt and acting my wage, it didn’t seem like much of a hardship.

The bag consisted of 4 bras. I have gone down a cup size and an “around size”. What a thrill. Those bras had seen better days! It was time for them to be laid to rest. Fortunately, I have lots of smaller bras to transition into.

The bag also contained numerous pair of pants I am down two sized in pants. The pants I had been wearing had gotten really long since I had less gut and butt to hold them up. I also threw in some stretched out tops.Of course like every other woman, I have plenty of smaller clothes sitting there just begging me to wear them, so I will be able to shop from my very own closet for a long time to come. Dave Ramsey would be so proud. I think I have pants in the next 4 sizes smaller. By then, I should be in a small enough size to start shopping in some resale shops. Plus sizes are very hard to find in the resale shops

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Anonymous said...

Just got caught up with my reading.
Congrats on, well let me make a list..
1. throwing out fat clothes
2. great loss this week
3. new fitness strides
4. after 13 weeks and staying so
5. renewed relationship with hubby
6. consistant budgeting