Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dave Ramsey is my Hero!!

A very good friend (Dawn) introduced me to Dave Ramsey and his book “The Total Money Makeover” in July of ‘06. If you have never heard of Dave, you are missing out big time. Dave is a common sense kind of guy and teaches you about money. He teaches you to live on a budget and get out of debt the old fashioned way, pay them off and never borrow money again!

Dave has a 13 week program called Financial Peace University that week by week teaches you how to save and pay off your debts using the debt snowball method. I attended FPU with my mom last year and John and I are going again this year. If you haven’t heard of him, you simply must check out his website or you can catch him on the new Fox Business Network at 8pm eastern time. He has awesome one liners like “Act your wage” “Debt is normal, be Weird”. “Stop trying to keep up with the Jones’, ‘cause the Jones’ are broke!”

How does this relate to weight loss, you ask? Well, I believe that following Dave Ramsey has made me more successful at weight watchers. Dave’s plan is all about following a budget, isn’t that what our point system is? A budget of food we can eat for the day. Once our points are gone, we are supposed to stop eating. Same with the budget…once your money is gone that you have allotted for that item, you have to stop spending. Too bad that now you see a pair of boots you like. Your money is gone. Same with weight watchers. There is no room for acting like a red faced brat because you want that slice of pie. Too bad, your points are gone, you are done spending for the day.

Obesity/unhealthy living is normal in our society…..let’s be weird. I know I am going to.


pandafan said...

Great analogy Brenda! I'll look forward to reading your blog each day and use it for inspiration.

pam52881 said...

I love this blog...makes sense to me! -your ww receptionist:)