Thursday, July 3, 2008

Grande Sugar Free Skim Mocha No Whip

This is my drink of choice from Biggby coffee that just opened up near where I work. This is the first “real” coffee shop in this town. They had their grand opening last week and I am ashamed to admit this……but …….I went every single day last week for a coffee! I am ashamed because I know that this stuff is crap for your body plus a $4 a day coffee habit does not fit into my meager budget. All the staff and management know me by name already. (It’s like Cheer’s….everyone knows your name). This town was thrilled to have a chain coffee shop. On last Monday, (the official grand opening) the line was 25 people deep at 6am!

I did better this week, I met a friend for a lunch time coffee on Monday and then I stopped this morning for one. Next week I will allow myself to stop once per week and that’s it. Their website gives you all the nutritional information so I can count the calories.

Other than my budding coffee habit, my eating has been good despite being extra tired this week and catching a mother of a cold.

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