Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Friends and Coworkers

I had a big fender bender on my way to work this yesterday morning. What a way to start a Monday. The end result is that the sheriff deputy found us both at fault which since I have PLPD insurance means that none of my damages will be covered. Minimum I need a new wheel and tire to the tune of about $250. The entire drivers side of the car actually needs replaced, but I will just have the front fender bumped out and call it good. I can think of a lot better places to put my money than just making my car look normal again.

What strikes me is how great some of the people I work with are. My coworker and friend were right on the scene helping me to change the wheel and put on the temporary tire so I could get the rest of the way in to work. Our truck driver is taking care of getting me a deal on the new wheel and tire and one of the tool room guys is all over bumping out the fender and doors.

So, as rotten as my Monday began, I was okay, the other person was fine and my friends and coworkers were right there to help me get things back to normal. I have to feel pretty lucky to have all these people I can turn to for help.

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