Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back to Kettle Bell

I worked out at the kettle bell gym today for the first time in two weeks. That cold really got into my lungs and I hated the thought of coughing all over everyone and leaving my germs all over the bells so I stayed away until I really felt 100%.

It was so great to be back. I missed the girls there so much. I think they actually missed me too. Nikki even even called me at work to make sure I was returning today. I received lots of hugs and was really flattered that they made such a fuss over me getting back there.

I could really tell it had been two weeks since I had worked out. My endurance took a hit and I had to use a lighter bell. I sure worked up a sweat. There is a new trainer leading the daytime classes and she is wicked! I thought Liberty was tough, but the apple doesn't far fall from the tree when it comes to Jen. It felt so good to huff and puff and be drenched with sweat again. I really missed it and can't wait to go back for more punishment tomorrow.

Even better than the workout is that post workout high. Those endorphins that get released give me the most amazing high for about three hours. I can't stop smiling and I caught myself singing at the top of my lungs on the way home. That high is so worth getting sweaty for. The feeling I get I'm sure puts any street drug to shame.

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