Monday, July 21, 2008

Car troubles continued.....

I got a call from my insurance agency this afternoon. Evidently what the policeman said to me the morning of the accident was not what he decided to write on the police report! While he told me that we were both at fault for the accident, according to the insurance, the report indicates I was the only one at fault.

This means that not only aren't any of the damages to my car covered, but now my insurance says I have to pay the other persons deductable to the tune of $500! For goodness sake, I don't even have a car that will run let alone look like anything other than a white trash mobile and now they expect me to cover her $500 deductable on top of the unknown amount to fix my own car by the time all is said is done.

I will admit I was at partly at fault for trusting that she was turning left even though she turned right and didn't have a blinker on and not being able to stop my vehicle, that's the law, but damn it, she was at fault too!

The insurance is giving me a choice, I pay the $500 and nothing goes on my insurance record. If I choose to not pay the $500 they will put an "at fault" accident on my insurance record for 3 years and my insurance premiums will go up. She wasn't able to tell me how much they woud go up.

On my commute home I alternated between wishing the persons hair to fall out, to wishing the police officer's pants to fall down on his next call, to crying because where the hell am I going to come up with $500 when I don't even have the money to fix my own damn car!

What I didn't do when I got home, was stress eat! Instead I just collected all the poodle kisses that were needed to make me realize there aren't many more important things in the world than poodle kisses. I fixed my dinner (spaghetti with meatless balls) and ate it. There were even vitamuffins in the fridge!

So the score stands: Insurance company: $500, Brenda: self restraint and seeing the bigger picture.