Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cholesterol Problems in Children?

Did anyone catch the evening news last night? On NBC nightly news the American Academy of Pediatrics is now recommending to start screening children as early as age two if they are considered high risk (family history or are overweight) for high cholesterol and heart disease. They are also approving statins (like Lipitor) be prescribed as early as age 8.

What are we doing to ourselves? I’m reading a book called Eat to Live by Dr Furhman. One of the chapters is titled “Digging Our Graves with Forks and Spoons”. I thought his views seemed a bit extreme as I was reading. Basically he recommends a diet of nearly all vegetables (2 pounds per day minimum) and fruit, with a few beans thrown in. He vehemently opposes the eating of any animal products. That means no dairy, eggs, meat, and such. He firmly believes that those are the cancer and disease causing agents in our lives. About halfway through the book I was already deciding that I wasn’t going to attempt his diet style as it really seemed so restrictive, but now I wonder if I should take a second look.

We are killing ourselves with all the junk we are eating. I also read this weekend that the Japanese eat 30% more calories than we Americans do, yet they weigh 20% less? How can that be? This article said that because their calories come from Vegetables and non animal proteins, their body actually uses what they eat instead of storing it around their middle.
I like junk as much as the next guy. You do have to wonder what our society is going to look like in 20 or 30 years if we don’t change the way we eat.

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