Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I find that things taste better now. In the past, if didn’t come packaged full of additives and preservatives, I really didn’t eat it. If you remember my rant on why we eat Fritos over an apple, I chose the former because I was always guaranteed to get the same thing when I opened the bag of Fritos, whereas with an apple, it’s a crap shoot. I think all those preservatives and chemicals make it hard for our taste buds to do their job.

I think since I have stopped “dumbing down” my palate, foods taste better. For example. I usually eat a Fiber one bar as my desert after lunch. Today I am having an orange instead and it tastes amazing! The citrus explodes in my mouth. Never before would you have caught me eating an orange instead of chocolate! Never! The orange is satisfying the sweet craving I have after a meal.

I also think I have gotten wiser about choosing fruits and vegetables. I am learning what is in season when and I choose according to that. I know that oranges are in season right now, so it is rare for me to get a bad one. Grapes on the other hand, are not in season and are putrid! I decided to be an upstanding citizen and didn’t taste test the bag before I bought it and ended up throwing away 2 pounds of green grapes. That will teach me to not steal a taste first. Also not in season, are melons in general. I had to throw away a musk melon the other day that I had bought for John. They are not sweet at all right now. I hate to waste that precious grocery money, but better to keep trying and learn than to go back to the chemicals.

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