Monday, March 10, 2008

Weigh in Report for March 8th

Down 1.4 pounds today. Well, I think anyway...... They put the readouts on the counter now where we can see them when we weigh in and I swear I calculated 1.4 pounds gone, but when I looked after the meeting at the sticker in my book it said I had a .4 pound loss. I weighed again, but I had already drank a huge coffee during the meeting.
So I say down 1.4 and that is what I am sticking too.

I had a lovely weekend, I got 4 of the dogs groomed from top to bottom on Saturday. The former show dogs are very happy they don't have to stay up on the table as long as they used to for a grooming. Hopefully since the sun is shinning today I can get out with them in the big yard and get some pics.

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