Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gaining Control Once Again

I think I all the things I bought on my shopping trip this weekend sent me a bit over the eating edge. I have had a very difficult time controlling my eating since Saturday. I am so used to eating pretty much the same stuff day in and day out, that all the new choices I brought home sent me for a loop.

I only ended up eating one point over my daily points but the manic, out of control feeling was very reminiscent of my pre healthy days. I felt like the Warner Bros. Tasmanian devil spinning around the kitchen yesterday looking for my next victim. I of course have already devoured the Vitamuffins. (All three boxes!) I’ve already made and ate the polenta. It’s like I want to try everything and want to do it all at once. I am already planning what day I am going to make the soy meatballs and the ahi tuna steaks. At least the next time I go shopping to TJ’s the stuff won’t be so new and novel.

Today I feel much more in control. Although I did start my day with three little hemp/flaxseed meal/black bean brownies (1 pt each) that I made to share at work. All those that enjoyed the brownies giggled like high schooler’s when they saw the box said hemp. The rest of the day has been uneventful. I had my super yummy salad with chicken breast and tomatoes and mushrooms and still have to eat my two pieces of daily fruit.

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