Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Low Energy Density Foods

WW teaches us to choose low energy density foods because they fill us up with fewer calories. Well…….I couldn’t be more surprised if I woke up with my head sewn to the carpet (anyone know what movie that line comes from?), but I guess all them fancy scientists that work for weight watchers are actually right.

About three weeks ago (at the suggestion of a reader) I cut out the Lean Cuisines in my daily diet along with some other processed items and added more whole, clean foods. Basically I am trying to choose my foods from the core list whenever possible. I am limiting my sweets to just 3-5 points per day. If I really want something sweet, I’ll try a yogurt or a piece of fruit first to see if that satisfies the need. That feels really weird to type, so not typical for me…..

Since then, it is very seldom that I use all my points for the day. In the evening, when I can see by my food journal that I have three points left to use, I can honestly say that I am full and if I ate anything else before bed I would be uncomfortable. Yesterday I stopped at 21 points (I can have 29). Didn’t feel deprived, felt full all day in fact. I find I feel I’m full a lot now. I am just astonished that I am learning what feeling full feels like. 3pm is usually my microwave popcorn snack time, but I just finished my workout and a bottle of water, so I just don’t feel like it. I’ll probably have an apple before my next workout at 4:30.
So take a minute and look at that core list of foods and just try to choose a few of them instead of something out of a box. Hopefully you will feel like I do about energy dense foods.

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