Friday, March 14, 2008

The Secret

Has anyone read this book? I just borrowed it from someone and am listening in my car.

In a nutshell since I am only on the 2nd disk, according to the book, what ever you focus on is the vibration that you send out to the universe which then sends you back what you are focusing on.

One the one hand, I am a science based person and this concept seems a little new agey, eating tofu, going vegan to me. Not that there is anything wrong with being vegan or new agey, I just have never been those things, not that I wouldn't want to try them, I just haven't yet

On the other hand, it’s not like using the principles will do anything to harm me, so I think I am starting to “buy in”. I do have one friend that believes the Law of Attraction has worked in her life in many instances. I like listening to how excited she is about the concepts. She said she wants to help me with my visualization chart. (Have no idea what she’s talking about because I’m only on the 2nd disk).

I’d like to hear from you guys. I jsut wondered what your experiences and opinions were.

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