Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Bridal Shower

Do me a favor, the next time I start bitching about not making any progress, please remind me of this past weekend. I made both physical and mental progress this weekend. You’ve already read about my fantastic weigh loss, and being able to wear my Bette Midler concert T-shirt. I have one more weekend item to share.

Saturday I had been invited to a bridal shower being given by a friend. First I have to share that I think bridal showers, baby showers, and children’s birthday parties are sheer torture. I have always avoided them at all costs. I always feel very out of place and as if everyone is looking at me and that I am never dressed right.

Side bar: I hate the cute little pieces of cake they pass out. Hello, give me the fucking knife so I can cut a piece I would normally eat! Oops did I say that out loud? They are passing out these little bite size pieces and I am thinking how can I sneak up and get three more servings? Am I the only one that thinks this?

The hostess was begging me to come and I told her flat out that I don’t do social things like that. She reminded me that the old overweight Brenda didn’t go to those things but that the new slimmer, more confident, happier Brenda would have a lovely time. So basically, she wasn’t going to let me out of it.

She was right; I didn’t go to those things because of my size. I didn’t want to deal with being the biggest person there, or having people watch what I was eating. I would especially avoid social gatherings if there would be people there that I hadn’t seen in a while. I think I’ve said before that I am really good at reading other people’s thoughts and just know that those people were actually not listening to what I was saying, instead they were thinking about how much bigger I had gotten since the last time they saw me.

So I wore clothes that fit and looked nice. Spent some extra time on my hair and makeup and went to the shower. It was actually quite nice. I nibbled on a few veggies and pieces of cheese and didn’t have any of the cake. (It wasn’t chocolate so why bother)

So there, I got through my first shower. It wasn’t that bad. Not that I want all of you to start inviting me to all of your functions, but I won’t hem and haw at going the next time I get an invite.


SusieH said...

Well done!! That's a huge nonscale victory. I have a tough time in social settings with "acquaintances" myself, but it's getting easier, with practice...
Great Bette Midler graphic in your last post btw. My favorite song of hers ever? Twisted...oh,yeah.

tiffdagost said...

Good for you! I got roped into helping to host a baby shower this coming weekend, so feeling your pain. Still not sure what I'll wear, but was just thinking what you posted, which is that lots of family I don't see often will be there, how will I look, so forth and so on!

I'm sure the bride to be was glad you were there.:)