Friday, March 7, 2008


The New Sporty Brenda! I finally got into my stylist (she usually has a two week waiting list) last night and decided it was time for a new look so I went from sort of short hair to super short hair. It’s been years since I’ve worn my hair so short.
This style will be much easier to fix after a session in the gym than the longer version I’d been wearing. That is my stylist in the pic with me. We have been friends for almost ten years and I so look forward to my hair appointments because we both reserve the night to go out for dinner and drinks after. She is amazing and also incidently the one that took me to the Bette Midler concert.

I also want to share another compliment I received at work yesterday. Fred, one of our maintenance men, poked his head into my office yesterday afternoon and asked how much I’d lost. I told him I was closing in on 60 pounds (man, I love being able to say that!). He said, “Well, you’re really lookin’ good sweetheart. I might have to jump ya!”
So I can now say that I’ve been propositioned! (of course he was kidding, he is very happily married to a lovely woman)Hee Hee. Really Fred is an awesome guy and in such amazing shape for 70 years old! He has more energy than three men around this shop. I know he is big into health and really takes good care of himself. I hope to be so active when I am 70!

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tiffdagost said...

What a fabulous new 'do! I'm sure you feel great and are having fun with your new style. It looks super!