Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The nicest compliment

One of the floor employees just popped in my office and gave me the nicest compliment. She said, “I didn’t wave at you last night as you were walking to your car because I wasn’t entirely sure it was you. You’ve lost so much weight that I didn’t recognize you.”

Is that amazing or what? I think I’ll beam over that one for days.

Instead of hugging her and smiling, I said “shut up, you’re lying!”,then I thanked her very much. We all need to be better about accepting compliments. Why in the world do we play down compliments we receive? I know that I am working hard and I am losing weight, therefore when someone notices, they aren’t making it up. They are genuinely happy for me and want to encourage me.

I am making a new pledge. From today on, I will accept compliments gracefully. Period. No more false humility, or making light of my accomplishments or calling them a liar! I will smile and say thank you, then run to my computer so I can blog about it

1 comment:

pandafan said...

How about an updated pic of you showing your new old concert shirts? We've seen the bigger Brenda, now we want to see the "almost didn't recognize you" new Brenda. Keep up the great work girl!!!