Friday, March 28, 2008

New Accomplishment

I am thrilled to say that yesterday I only used one of my points on something sweet. Eating sweets and chocolate in particular has always been my favorite pasttime. Over the past week, I stopped bringing Fiber One bars with me to work. I have still been eating my no pudge brownies for dessert in the evening, but last night I decided I would forego that and stick with a 1 pt WW fudge bar instead. I did it! I only used one of my daily points on chocolate. I wonder if one of these days I'll be able to go a whole day without chocolate?
Here is my food journal for yesterday

yogurt 1 pt
banana 1 pt
English muffin with Pb2 and fruit spread 2 pts
salad with tom, mush, carrots, FF ranch and bacos 7 pts
orange 1 pt
popcorn 1 pt
apple 1 pt
6 oz chicken 6 pt
1 cup cottage cheese 3 pt
1/2 cup taco soup 1 pt
1 cup broccoli 0 pt
WW fudge bar 1 pt

Total points used 25

1 comment:

tiffdagost said...

Sounds like you picked up a lot of great foods last weekend. I will definitely have to get into our local Whole Foods store soon. While we have 5 Whole Food stores within 10 miles of us, we have NO Trader Joe's in Texas! Sounds like a great place to get some good food- so maybe they'll come here eventually! Hope you had a great week!