Monday, August 18, 2008

When is my next fricking feeding?

I’m working on my terrible swearing habit as my new job is in a nice proper office and not a factory where you can throw around f-bombs any time you like. So I will try to clean up the blog as well.

Diet Doc is going so well (obviously….. considering my loss on Saturday). I am not physically hungry. I actually have been eating around 24-28 points, so it’s not like I have dropped my calories to dangerous levels. This program just rearranges what you eat when and how much at a time. I did have my first weekly cheat meal yesterday (3 slices of pizza from our favorite local bar), but I felt so full afterwards, and guilty. I shouldn’t have felt guilty because this is not only allowed, but it is a mandatory part of the progam.

The last couple of days have been so tough though….I have stayed on plan, but man I watch the clock all day waiting for my next feeding. You would think this week would find me filled with resolve because of the nice weight loss on Saturday and being hopeful that my weight loss is finally moving again. I think a lot of my unrest comes from the new job I’ll be starting in a couple of weeks and still wondering if I am making the right decision (I know I am). I was also a lazy bum yesterday and other than a 30 minute hike at the local park with Haven, sat my butt (look at that….I didn’t say ass) on the couch watching Olympic coverage.

I just have to keep at this and fight those urges and find something else to do instead of focusing on food.

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Anonymous said...

Stick with it, the way I feel after 3 months is great. When I really watch my numbers I have so much more energy and sleep so good. I'm almost never hungry just sometimes I stray a little, alcohol or salty foods. But after 3 months I'm down thirty pounds and in a size 12 for the first time in 10 years, keep it up the rewards are worth it. Mary (Nikki's sister)