Saturday, August 23, 2008

Weigh in Report for August 23rd

There aren't enough swear words to convey how frustrated I am today. I was up 1.4 pounds today. Honestly, I didn't do anything different from last week. I thought I was going to go in for a couple of pound loss today. What is wrong with my body?

It made me so sad to see an 11 year old little girl had joined last week. I could see myself in her. I was her at 11 years old. Already developed, already having to wear adult women's clothes. Don't get me wrong.... I am thrilled that a family member (I couldn't tell if it was mom, aunt, or grandma) was trying to help her by bringing her, but I can guess this is going to be her life's work, (as is mine) at battling eating disorders, self esteem problems and not feeling like she fits in with the rest of her friends. I certainly hope this won't be her lot in life, but you know as well as I do, that once this gets a hold of us, we will battle it all our lives. I just wanted to take her and hug her and tell her that no matter what her size she is beautiful and valuable but life has to be about more than food.

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