Friday, August 22, 2008

What happened to my town?

Yikes, I ran into town tonight after work to grab a couple of things and my town has been invaded with college students! The clerk at Kroger told me that this is the largest freshman class ever for this university. The streets and stores are clogged. As I entered Kroger I passed a group of young men (boy, don’t I sound old) with a keg in their cart along with bottles of hard liquor. Someone isn’t going to feel so good in the morning.

Actually, “Back to School” time makes me very nostalgic for that time in my life when every thing was possible and within reach. I know, your going to say, everything is still possible and within reach. Yeah, it is sort of, but it doesn’t come with the same youth and naïveté anymore. I long for that “fresh start” and the smell of old books and freshly sharpened pencils and brand new markers.

In a way I’m getting that fresh start this year by starting my new job in a few days. In honor of my fresh start; I splurged on an insulated tote to carry my lunch in as I’ll be leaving behind the mini fridge I currently share with my coworker. I’ll need something to keep food poisoning at bay. It is so cute. It’s black with pink polka dots. You wouldn’t even know it was a cooler; it looks like a big zippered purse.

It reinforces how many changes I have made in my life that when I think of treating myself I no longer think of food. A treat or a splurge is about me. Not eating.

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