Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The New I Want List?

One of the many topics of conversation Saturday was about the catalyst for losing weight or the reasons that keeps us going. It dawned on me that I have accomplished most of my Want List, and maybe that is the reason I am not being as successful as in the past. I know I’ve never given you numbers of what my heaviest weight was or what I am down to, but you know I’ve gone from 26 to the size 16 I wear now. My want list was concrete, tangible things that I wanted to be able to do in my life. I wanted to go horseback riding (on the calendar this month) I wanted to be able to sit in a lawn chair without worrying I would break it (done).

I have accomplished a lot. I’ve come a long way. I know I fuss, moan and whine about not losing any weight since May, but damn, I haven’t quit and gone back to the Ding Dongs and Totino’s pizzas! That says a lot. Old Brenda would have thrown in the towel for not losing weight for two and a half months and would be sitting watching TV with her double date Ben and Jerry. Old Brenda would have stopped exercising already. New Brenda has stuck with it. Comments from you guys both on the blog and privately have helped so much.

I need to think of the things that I want to do 65 pounds from now that I don’t feel comfortable doing now. I need those tangible reasons that remind me that I’m not finished with this. Yeah, I can hear some of you saying “wear a skimpy bathing suit, fit into a size 6, reduce your risk of heart disease”, all valid goals for some but those don’t inspire me with passion. I need to know in my heart why I am doing this and why I will continue to the end. Maybe it’s that I know I need to reach goal in order to become a WW leader, maybe I do have that marathon in me that I need to finish. I did say I wanted to be a runner in my first Want List. I haven’t run a step in months, so there is some unfinished business there to revisit.

So it’s time to revamp the Want List from what I was to where I want to go. Suggestions are always welcome.

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Kerry said...

Hi Brenda
I've read all your archives over the last couple of days and I just wanted to let you know how much I identify with you! I have had three months of gaining and losing the same 1-2lbs and like you found it so upsetting and frustrating. I found it helped to both increase my exercise and mix it up a bit....I go to a bootcamp (run by the Army!) a couple of times a week and do cardio twice a week, along with a strength class if I can fit it in. I am now losing again, albeit slowly. And you will too!!! You are doing everything right my friend and are doing SO well - I am sending you best wishes from England and will keep checking your progress.
Kerry xx