Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Never Fear, I am Here!

I have not thrown in the towel. I am so sorry I didn’t post a weigh in report this weekend. I got sidetracked with a trip to Ann Arbor for a Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s fix with my mom and a couple of friends on Saturday right after WW.
I was down .6 pounds this week. I can live with that, it’s a movement in the right direction. It isn’t the apology from the scale I would hope to receive…( I was thinking some astronomical number and that it would also flash, “I’m sorry Brenda for screwing with you so much the last couple of months). But, down is down and that counts for something, half hearted apology accepted.

Saturday was a blast and reenergizing. The friends that went with us this month include Kristy, who I’ve known and adored for more than 15 years. She’s a power house of a person, with a degree in dietetics and has been diligently trying to help me get over this hump. She brought along her friend Blaine who is a personal trainer, avid runner, bike racer and nutritionist for a local gym. Nothing like having the most amazing brains in the car for a long road trip.

Blaine and Kristy went to work on my eating habits and the way I eat my points. I confessed to eating light during the day (only 12 of my 28 points are used by the time I leave work for the day) and gave me structured amounts to eat at each meal and snack. I am to eat 6 points for each meal and have two 4 point and one 2 point snacks throughout the day.

Kristy and Blaine talked about muscle memory and that they think our bodies may do the same thing when we eat the same food every day. My understanding of muscle memory is that when we ask our bodies to do the same routine every single day (30 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes on the Stairmaster…) our bodies just say, “Oh…..okay, I know how to do this and I will do it more efficiently today so I can save myself work in the end. Kind of like the super old commercial with the Dunkin’ Donuts guy. “It’s time to make the donuts….” It is all very rote and your body just starts going through the motions.

They both thought that not only do I need to stop eating my same English muffin with PB2 for breakfast and a salad for lunch with 5 ounces of chicken, they also thought that mixing up how many points I eat each day (instead of 28 every single day) would be a good idea. Neither of them thought I should drop my points or eat less and Blaine thought that a couple times a week I should add in an extra 5 points or so of protein on top of my normal points. She very clearly stipulated that the extra 5 points were not to be applied to eating no pudge brownies and ice cream.

So I got a great pep talk, which I really needed and some ideas to try. Well see how it goes.

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