Friday, August 29, 2008

Tough Week

Well as far as eating this week. I threw in the towel. I don't even plan on going to weigh in tomorrow. I am such an emotional eater and saying good bye to people all this week and packing up my office is taking a tole on me. It's 2pm my last day here and almost everything is packed up and ready to go to the car. I collected a ton of hugs and well wishes from all the people on the floor of the shop and today we ordered in pizza and after we ate a couple of the girls and I played a Grey's Anatomy board game. We always rehashed Grey's on Friday morning (well they did, it was on after my bed time so I would have to talk them into telling me the details before I was able to watch it on my TIVO).
I know that this taking this new job is the right thing for me, but it doesn't make leaving the people I've grown to love any easier. Man, these are amazing people. So much laughter and memories. I do feel like I was part of a big family.
I did already tell them I was crashing the Christmas Party this year.

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Nikki said...

Cool! We have something else in common - I love Grey's, but I've never played the board game. Oh, and I'm holding you to setting up a facebook page this week, I'll be looking for you:) As for the diet doc, that's ok you had a rough week so you've got this new week, new job, new month to start fresh....GOOD LUCK!!!!!!