Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hello, Rock Bottom? I'd like to leave now.

Whew. I think I am finally out of this funk. My eating was good today. I didn’t stick with my 3 hour feedings, but ate the right foods in small amounts. Actually I slept until 1pm and then we went to a BBQ at the lake. So really, I ate a total of two meals.

It is amazing what a cycle I started last week. I would over eat, and then feel sick to my stomach and lethargic to where I didn’t want to do anything other than sit and watch TV then I would eat more while I watched TV. Then the guilt kicked in. I would eat, then feel bad about eating, so I would eat some more. Such a cycle. But today I think I’ve finally drug myself out of it.

I can feel that I gained weight this week. I know I should have went to weigh in on Saturday so that I really knew the damage (temporary of course) I did. It’s probably going to take me two weeks to get the (likely) five pounds back off. My stomach is flabbier and my shorts were snug today. I did this to myself just because I was sad about leaving my job? I have really got to find a better way to deal with my feelings. This was ridiculous. One day would have been understandable, but I gave myself a pass for the week. How did overeating help me? It didn’t. Now I have to convince those plumped up fat cells to give it up again.

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